World Standard Automatic Transmission Fluid Toyota RAV4 2006 | Manual repair.


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World Standard (WS) Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) was introduced to reduce maintenance costs and increase the mileage between scheduled maintenance checks. Here are some important tips when working with ATF-WS in Toyota vehicles requiring its use. APPLICABLE VEHICLES 2004 – 2008 model year Toyota vehicles equipped with automatic transaxle requiring ATF-WS . 100,000 Maintenance Interval – Inspection only; ATF-WS does NOT require any flushing or changing during the life of the vehicle. The use of Genuine Toyota ATF-WS is recommended. The use of additives or aftermarket fluids that are considered compatible or substitutes may result in shift concerns and damage to the internal transmission components. ATF-WS is NOT compatible with T-IV or Dexron ATF. Containers storing Toyota ATF-WS should always be sealed – If exposed to the atmosphere, ATF-WS may absorb moisture and potentially cause shift concerns if used in operation. One time use only. When performing repairs on ATF-WS equipped transaxles, it is important to use only new, clean ATF-WS when refilling the ATM. ATF-WS equipped ATMs may use the overflow type procedure – Any fluid drained from the overflow plug should be discarded following proper local regulations and never reused. Failure to do so could result in shift concerns and damage to the internal transmission components.

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