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Suzuki Motor Corporation is a Japanese multinational corporation headquartered in Minami-ku, Hamamatsu, Japan, which specializes in manufacturing automobiles, four.

ECM/PCM Removal and Replacement Honda Accord 2003 | Engine.


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Download The ECM/PCM in ’03 Accords has a self-shutdown feature that writes data to memory and does diagnostic functions for up to 18 hours after you turn the ignition switch to LOCK (0). To keep from losing data or permanently damaging the ECM/ PCM, do this procedure before you unplug the ECM/PCM: 1. With the ignition switch turned to ON (II), connect the PGM Tester to the 16P data link connector (DLC). Turn on the PGM Tester. 2. Select CURRE…

2003 Suzuki Aerio AWD L4-2.0L Engine Controls MIL ON/ DTC P2025 Set – Free manual download.


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download 2003 Suzuki Aerio AWD L4-2.0L Engine Controls MIL ON/ DTC P2025 Set CONDITION: In extreme cold climates, the MIL may be ON when the engine is started. The DTC P2025 will be stored in the ECM. CAUSE: ECM Software Logic CORRECTION: Using the appropriate service manual, verify the DTC using the troubleshooting chart. If no cause for the DTC is found, reprogram the ECM by using the instructions listed below. Then clear the DTC from the EC…

2003 Suzuki Aerio AWD L4-2.0L Brakes Regular Operational Noises : Free car repair manuals pdf download.


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download 2003 Suzuki Aerio AWD L4-2.0L Brakes Regular Operational Noises This bulletin is to offer details about some brake noise traits heard throughout regular operation. Please make the most of this bulletin when explaining brake noises to remove considerations and cut back pointless component replacement. It ought to be considered normal for the brake system to have some noise during normal operation. That is most typical with disk brake p…

2000-2002 Infiniti G20 MIL “ON” REAR O2 SENSOR DTC P0138/P0139/P0140 Service Manuals


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download SERVICE PROCEDURE You may be performing the following, as required: • Decide the DTC Saved in ECM from the CONSULT-II Self-analysis results. • ECM Half Number Check to determine if this bulletin applies. • ECM Reprogramming (required if the ECM P/N in the automobile matches a type of listed beneath “Current ECM P/N” in Chart A -page 2). • Changing the Rear Oxygen Sensor (required if ECM Reprogramming is required). Determine the DTC Sav…

Mil “On” Dtc P0420 Catalyst For 2001 Nissan Frontier


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Download If an applied vehicle has a MIL “ON” and the following DTC stored in the ECM: • P0420 Use the appropriate Service Procedure steps to determine if the bulletin applies to this vehicle. If the bulletin applies, complete the applicable Service Procedure steps to repair the incident, if it should occur. SERVICE PROCEDURE You will perform the following, as required: • Determine the DTC Stored in the ECM from the CONSULT-II Self-diagnosis r…

Engine Control Module (ECM) Removal and Installation 2006 Toyota Corolla


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Download REPLACEMENT 1. DISCONNECT BATTERY NEGATIVE TERMINAL 2. REMOVE GLOVE COMPARTMENT DOOR ASSEMBLY a. Remove the screw from the glove compartment door stoppers. b. Deform the upper part of the glove compartment door assembly to release the stoppers. c. Pull the glove compartment door assembly upward to remove it. 3. REMOVE ECM a. Remove the 2 clips using a clip remover, then open the cover. b. Disconnect the 4 ECM connectors. c. Remove the…

2001-2003 Toyota Sienna M.I.L. ON DTC P0420


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…e this condition. Repair Procedure 1. Verify DTC P0420 with the Diagnostic Tester by referring to the Technical Information System (TIS), 2001 – 2003 model year Sienna Repair Manual: Diagnostics: Engine: Pre-Check. 2. Replace ECM (PCM). Follow the Repair Manual ECM replacement instructions. Refer to TIS, 2001 – 2003 model year Sienna Repair Manual: Introduction: How To Troubleshoot ECU Controlled Systems: How To Use The Diagnostic Chart And Inspe…



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Download INSTALLATIONS INSTRUCTIONS LEXUS LX 470 (2003-2007) AND TOYOTA LAND CRUISER (2003-2007) 1. FOR LEXUS LX470, Skip step #1 and moved to step #2 On the 2003 Toyota Land Cruiser, begin by removing the air vent and bezel on the right side of the radio using the Dash Trim tool. Insert the Dash Trim tool behind the upper right corner to release the first clip, working the remaining clips loose. Disconnect all wiring and set the bezel aside….



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download To reinforce ATM shifting, the Engine Management Module (SAE time period: Powertrain Management Module/PCM) calibration has been updated. NOTE: S Model 10.1a or later Diagnostic Tester software is required to perform this procedure. S Before continuing, confirm the ECM (PCM) calibration has NOT been up to date by checking for the Approved Modifications Label (shown in Step 1 of the Restore Process). S Harsh ATM shifting will result if…

LE Ecm Reprogram Procedure 2002 Toyota Camry


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Download 1. Check for the Authorized Modification Label affixed to the vehicle in the location shown in Fig. 3. If there is no label present, proceed to step 2. 2. Connect the Diagnostic Tester to the vehicle and select “CURRENT ECU CAL” from the “ECU REPROGRAM MAIN MENU.” To determine the vehicle’s current ECM (PCM) calibration, see Fig. 1 below. 3. Remove the 10A ECU-IG fuse from the instrument panel Junction Block (refer to Fig. 2 for locat…