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MyAirbags $49 - Airbag light On | SRS Airbag Module Reset

120 DAY WARRANTY on all items: 1. Make sure your module part number matches part number of new module that you are purchasing. 2. If you are purchasing an airbag.

REDUCED ENGINE PWR -at wits end with Pontiac G5

I drive a 2006 Pontiac G5. Just recently, it started going in to Reduced engine power, meaning that I was and STILL am not able to accelerate..

2007 Pontiac Vibe Engine And Engine Cooling Problems

The 2007 Pontiac Vibe has 14 NHTSA complaints for the engine and engine cooling at 64,347 miles average..

Ecm Reset Procedure/ Clearing Codes Honda Civic 1994 | Manual repair.


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Download NOTE: Some models have an anti-theft code built into the radio circuit. Clearing codes cancels clock and radio settings; make note of settings before beginning reset procedure. After ECM reset, the radio will not function until code is entered. To reset ECM (clear codes), remove BACK UP fuse from underhood fuse/relay block. Leave fuse out for 10 seconds to reset ECM. ECM LOCATION ECM is located in passenger side kick panel. RETRIEVING…



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download To reinforce ATM shifting, the Engine Management Module (SAE time period: Powertrain Management Module/PCM) calibration has been updated. NOTE: S Model 10.1a or later Diagnostic Tester software is required to perform this procedure. S Before continuing, confirm the ECM (PCM) calibration has NOT been up to date by checking for the Approved Modifications Label (shown in Step 1 of the Restore Process). S Harsh ATM shifting will result if…

2000-2002 Infiniti G20 MIL “ON” REAR O2 SENSOR DTC P0138/P0139/P0140 Service Manuals


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download SERVICE PROCEDURE You may be performing the following, as required: • Decide the DTC Saved in ECM from the CONSULT-II Self-analysis results. • ECM Half Number Check to determine if this bulletin applies. • ECM Reprogramming (required if the ECM P/N in the automobile matches a type of listed beneath “Current ECM P/N” in Chart A -page 2). • Changing the Rear Oxygen Sensor (required if ECM Reprogramming is required). Determine the DTC Sav…

Mil “On” Dtc P0420 Catalyst For 2001 Nissan Frontier


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Download If an applied vehicle has a MIL “ON” and the following DTC stored in the ECM: • P0420 Use the appropriate Service Procedure steps to determine if the bulletin applies to this vehicle. If the bulletin applies, complete the applicable Service Procedure steps to repair the incident, if it should occur. SERVICE PROCEDURE You will perform the following, as required: • Determine the DTC Stored in the ECM from the CONSULT-II Self-diagnosis r…

Engine Control Module (ECM) Removal and Installation 2006 Toyota Corolla


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Download REPLACEMENT 1. DISCONNECT BATTERY NEGATIVE TERMINAL 2. REMOVE GLOVE COMPARTMENT DOOR ASSEMBLY a. Remove the screw from the glove compartment door stoppers. b. Deform the upper part of the glove compartment door assembly to release the stoppers. c. Pull the glove compartment door assembly upward to remove it. 3. REMOVE ECM a. Remove the 2 clips using a clip remover, then open the cover. b. Disconnect the 4 ECM connectors. c. Remove the…

ECM/PCM Removal and Replacement Honda Accord 2003 | Engine.


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Download The ECM/PCM in ’03 Accords has a self-shutdown feature that writes data to memory and does diagnostic functions for up to 18 hours after you turn the ignition switch to LOCK (0). To keep from losing data or permanently damaging the ECM/ PCM, do this procedure before you unplug the ECM/PCM: 1. With the ignition switch turned to ON (II), connect the PGM Tester to the 16P data link connector (DLC). Turn on the PGM Tester. 2. Select CURRE…

2000 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP Trouble Shooting


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download CONDITION & POSSIBLE CAUSE CORRECTION Hard Starting Binding carburetor linkage Eliminate binding Binding choke linkage Eliminate binding Binding choke piston Eliminate binding Restricted choke vacuum Check vacuum lines for blockage Worn or dirty needle valve and seat Clean carburetor, see ENGINE PERFORMANCE Float sticking Readjust or replace float see the ENGINE PERFORMANCE section Incorrect choke adjustment Reset choke adjustment…

2001 – 2002 Land Cruiser IMMOBILIZER KEY CODE RESET


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download Immobilizer Reset is a brand new feature that permits the registration of a new Master Key even if all unique Master Keys are lost. Once the Immobilizer system is reset, all beforehand registered keys shall be erased.The Immobilizer Reset perform is a 5-step course of: 1. Utilizing the Diagnostic Tester, retrieve a “Seed Number” by means of the OBD/MOBD Immobilizer function. S A “Seed Number” is a singular quantity supplied by the Diag…



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y with those shown on next page. (Note rounded or bullet nose shape at heel end of pattern on Gear drive sides). See page 4 for patterns and additional installation hints. If the pattern is not in those approximate positions, reset the pinion depth and reset gear backlash until the patterns are closer to the above diagram. Pinion and/or gear should not be adjusted to try to achieve a deeper pattern. The length of the pattern may vary with the amo…

Citroen and Peugeot Reset Adaptions Bosch EDC16 Free manual download.


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download Citroen and Peugeot Reset Adaptions Bosch EDC16 The purpose of the Reset Adaptions function is to reset the base values stored in the CM’s memory to a zero state. These base values vary according to the age of the engine and the purpose of them is to maintain a perfectly adjusted engine system. After a reset the CM will re-learn the values, either automatically or by the technician performing a number of steps. The function should be…