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Steering Intermediate Shaft Noise Toyota Rav4 2006–2007 | Manual repair.


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1995 Bronco/F-Series Steering Column Removal And Installation


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download Disassembly 1. Disconnect battery ground cable (14301) and air bag backup power supply (if that’s the case equipped). Check with Section 14-00. 2. Remove steering wheel (3600) as described in this section. 3. Remove steering column from automobile as described on this section. 4. Take away decrease U-joint, spring sensor ring and tolerance ring. Column Shift Only5. Remove turn indicator cancel cam (13318) by pushing up with flat-bladed…

Ignition Switch/ Lock Cylinder Removal And Installation Mazda 323/ MX-3/ 626/ MX-6/ Millenia/ Protégé 1990-1998 : Manual repair.


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. Remove the cap and panel light control switch. Remove the meter hood mounting screws. Pull the meter hood forward to disengage the clips. 8. Remove the instrument cluster, 9. Remove the drivers side air bag and the steering wheel. 10. Remove the combination switch. 11. Remove the passenger side air bag mounting bolts, electrical connector and remove the air bag module. 12. Remove the hood panel release lever. Pull the side panel forward to dise…

Steering Column Switches Removal & Installation Honda Civic S 1988 Manual


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Download CAUTION: When performing work on vehicles equipped with Supplemental Restraint System (SRS), exercise extreme caution when working around steering wheel or column. DO NOT apply electrical power to any component on steering column without disconnecting SRS control unit (air bag system may be activated). STEERING WHEEL & HORN Removal 1. Disconnect battery ground cable. Remove screws attaching horn button assembly/center pad to steer…

Power Steering Pump: Service and Repair 1997 Dodge Grand Caravan


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Download Removal WARNING: Power steering oil, engine components and the exhaust system may be extremely hot if engine has been running. CAUTION: Do not start engine with any loose or disconnected hoses. Do not allow hoses to touch hot exhaust manifold or catalyst. 1. Remove the (-) negative battery cable from the battery and isolate cable. 2. Remove cap from power steering fluid reservoir. 3. Using a siphon pump, remove as much power steering

2004 Dodge Truck Grand Caravan FWD Steering Gear Installation Procedure


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king the steering column within the straight-forward place will stop the clockspring from being accidentally over-extended when the steering column is disconnected from the intermediate steering coupler. 3. Place the steering wheel in the STRAIGHT A HEAD position. Lock the steering wheel in place utilizing a steering wheel holding tool. 4. With the car on the bottom, disconnect the steering column shaft coupler from the steering gear intermediate…



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download Removal 1. Loosen the strut tower nuts by a minimum of five turns. See Fig. 4 . Loosen the wheel hub retaining nut. Raise and help vehicle. Take away front wheel, brake caliper and rotor. Remove ABS wheel pace sensor (if outfitted). Take away tie rod end cotter pin and nut. Utilizing Tie Rod Finish Separator (211-001), remove tie rod end. See Fig. 13 . 2. Remove decrease management arm nut and pinch bolt. See Fig. 15 . Separate decreas…

Wheel Hub Removal and Installation Toyota Tacoma 2003 | Engine.


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Removal 1. Remove front wheel 2. W/ abs: disconnect abs speed sensor and wire harness clamp from steering knuckle remove the 2 bolts and disconnect the abs speed sensor and wire harness clamp from the steering knuckle. 3. Disconnect brake caliper a. Remove the 2 bolts and brake caliper. B. Support the brake caliper securely. 4. Check axle hub bearing backlash a. Using a screwdriver, remove the grease cap. B. Using a dial indicator near the cent…

2000 Toyota Sienna LE Combination Switch Removal & Installation


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Download Disconnect negative battery cable. Remove steering column covers (it may be necessary to first remove lower finish panel from instrument panel). Disconnect headlight/dimmer and turn signal switch connector. Remove screws and headlight/dimmer and turn signal switch. See Fig. 9 . To install, reverse removal procedure. 1. Ensure front wheels are in straight-ahead position. Turn ignition switch to LOCK position. Remove key. Disconnect nega…

2001 Ford Focus Steering Column Installation


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download 1. Remove the 2 multifunction switches. 1. Depress the retaining tangs. 2. Raise the switches upwards. 2. Detach the driver air bag module from the steering wheel. 3. Take away the driving force air bag module. Launch the three clips. Disconnect the air bag module electrical connector. 4. Take away the passive anti-theft system (PATS) transceiver. 5. Take away the steering wheel. 1. Disconnect the pace control electrical connector (if…

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