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P1349 Toyota - avalon 2001 - Engine-Codes.com Q&A

P1349 and P1354 VVT circuit. These codes together means the VVT does not change from its current valve timing. So dont be surprised it the ECM is at fault..

TSB for P0420 - 2000 Camry - Toyota Nation Forum : Toyota

Does anyone know if there is a TSB for a 2000 Camry 4 cyl. with the infamous P0420 code? I am hoping a computer software reflash is available similar to the one for.

Cabin air filter replacement- Toyota Avalon - YouTube

Purchase this filter at http://www.filterheads.com/AQ1102 AQ1102 fits Lexus CT200h 11-12, ES350 07-12, GS300 06, GS430 06-07, GS450h 07-11, GX460 10-12.

M.I.L. On 1Mz-Fe Engine Misfire Dtc P0300, P0301, P0302, P0303, P0304, P0305 Or P0306 Toyota Sienna 1998–2000 – Installation.


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Download Introduction applicable vehicles some vehicles equipped with 1mz–fe (v6) engines without vvtI may exhibit a rough idle and/or a m.I.L. “on” condition with a diagnostic trouble code or codes for misfire caused by an improperly operating ignition coil assembly. Production changes have been implemented to prevent this condition from occuring. S 2001 model year japan built camry vehicles equipped with 1mz–fe engines (v6). S 1998–2001 mode…



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download 1. Paint the NEW hinges and torsion bars the same color as the vehicle exterior (NO clearcoat needed). Note that ONLY the back edge of the hinge is visible when all trim covers are in place. 2. Remove the torsion bars. Refer to the Technical Information System (TIS): S 2005 model year Avalon Repair Manual, Vehicle Exterior – Door/Hatch – “Luggage Door Hinge Torsion Bar: Replacement”. S 2006 or 2007 model year Avalon Repair Manual, Vehi…

2001-2003 Toyota Sienna M.I.L. ON DTC P0420


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Download Introduction Under certain driving conditions, some 2001 – 2003 model year Sienna vehicles may exhibit a M.I.L. “ON” with the following DTC: S P0420 (Catalyst System Efficiency Below Threshold [Bank 1]) The Engine Control Module (ECM) (SAE term: Powertrain Control Module/PCM) logic has been modified to improve this condition. Repair Procedure 1. Verify DTC P0420 with the Diagnostic Tester by referring to the Technical Information Syst…



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are in place. 2. Remove the torsion bars. Consult with the Technical Info System (TIS): S 2005 mannequin 12 months Avalon Repair Guide, Car Exterior – Door/Hatch – “Luggage Door Hinge Torsion Bar: Alternative”. S 2006 or 2007 model 12 months Avalon Repair Guide, Car Exterior – Door/Hatch – “Engine / Hood: Baggage Door Hinge Torsion Bar: Elimination”. 3. Remove the baggage compartment door. Check with TIS: S 2005 mannequin yr Avalon Repair Manual,…

Tow a Behind an RV Toyota Avalon


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1. Discover out the weight of your Avalon. The 2011 Avalon Limited has a curb weight of three,616 lbs., and is barely heavier than the base model. If you’re storing anything in your Avalon whereas it is in tow, this may add to the weight of the car. Test to be sure that your RV towing capability is above this weight. 2. Customized suit your Toyota Avalon with the necessary towing tools in case your automobile is older than 2008. Avalons require…

Toyota Avalon Installation Brake Pads


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The Toyota Avalon is equipped with all-wheel ABS disc brakes. The braking system is comprised of brake pads, rotors and calipers with caliper pistons. Toyota recommends regular inspection and maintenance of your Avalon’s brakes, including replacement of the brake pads a minimum of each 50,000 miles. You possibly can take your Toyota to a brake service station to have the brake pads replaced, or you possibly can swap the worn pads for brand span…

Oxygen Sensor on a Toyota Avalon


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1. Find the Avalon’s two oxygen sensors on either aspect of the catalytic converter on the exhaust manifold. The Avalon’s oxygen sensors appear like a gold spark plug with a wire coming off the end. 2. Take away the Toyota Avalon’s wiring harness from the top of the each oxygen sensors utilizing your fingers. Do not injury the top of the Avalon’s wiring harness. 3. Take out each of the Avalon’s oxygen sensors utilizing the oxygen sensor wrench….

2001–2004 Toyota Camry Drive Belt Squeal/ Belt Tensioner Rattle


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Download Some 2001 – 2004 model year Camry, Highlander, Solara and 2004 model year RAV4 vehicles with the 2AZ–FE engine may exhibit squealing and/or rattling noises coming from the engine compartment during vehicle operation especially after a cold soak. The belt tensioner assembly has been improved to correct this condition. 1. Remove the accessory drive belt per the instructions contained in the Technical Information System (TIS), applicable…

Pimp Up My Toyota Avalon Instructions


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1. Get a paint job you probably have an older mannequin Avalon. Auto paint colours fade after long periods, so you may choose to either refresh the original color or choose a brand new color. If it fits within your finances, ensure that an auto paint skilled provides a high, showroom gloss to your paint job. 2. Improve your headlights and tail lights. An excellent instance is exhibited on Josh’s 2009 Avalon on CarDomain.com, as of October 2010….

M.I.L. On Dtc P0300 Toyota Camry & Solara (5S–Fe) 2000–2001 – Instructions.


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Download Introduction Applicable Vehicles Under certain conditions, some 2000 and 2001 model year 5S–FE equipped Camry and Solara vehicles may exhibit a M.I.L. “ON” with DTC P0300 (Random Multiple Cylinder Misfire). These vehicles may also exhibit a hard–to–start, start and stall, or rough idle condition when cold. The Engine Control Module (ECM) logic (SAE term: Powertrain Control Module/PCM) has been modified and a series of key component te…