outlander 2012 immobilizer system service required

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Toyota Camry 2012 Turn Off the Maintenance Required Light | Instructions.


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Immobilizer System Honda Civic 2006–2008 :- Download, installation, instructions, manual repair, engine.


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Download All 2006–08 Civics and 2007–08 CR-Vs have a Type 6 immobilizer system that disables the vehicle unless a programmed ignition key is used. The transponder ID code in the key or keyless transmitter is a rolling-type code instead of a set code. In this service bulletin, a programmed ignition key refers to a transponder-type key or keyless transmitter that has been cut to fit the ignition switch and whose transponder ID code is recognized…

2001 – 2002 Land Cruiser IMMOBILIZER KEY CODE RESET


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download Immobilizer Reset is a brand new feature that permits the registration of a new Master Key even if all unique Master Keys are lost. Once the Immobilizer system is reset, all beforehand registered keys shall be erased.The Immobilizer Reset perform is a 5-step course of: 1. Utilizing the Diagnostic Tester, retrieve a “Seed Number” by means of the OBD/MOBD Immobilizer function. S A “Seed Number” is a singular quantity supplied by the Diag…

2006 Honda Civic 2-Door LX and EX Immobilizer Indicator Is Blinking, Engine Won’t Start


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download The engine doesn’t begin, and the immobilizer indicator is blinking (especially if the battery recently went lifeless and the engine was jump-began).DIAGNOSIS NOTE: When the immobilizer system just isn’t permitting the engine to start, the outcomes fluctuate depending on the model and how quickly the ignition key’s turned. 2006 Civic 2-Door, 4-Door, Si, and GX • For those who quickly flip the ignition swap from LOCK (zero) to START (II…

Maintenance Service Intervals Mercedes Benz C 230 2007 | Engine.


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download The type of maintenance service due is indicated in the multifunction display: Basic service (A) Extended service (B) Note: Vehicles equipped with FSS PLUS Flexible Service System PLUS) only: The interval between maintenance services depends on your driving habits. A gentle driving style, moderate engine speeds and the avoidance of short-distance trips will lengthen the interval between services. Clearing the maintenance service indic…

2000-2002 Infiniti G20 MIL “ON” REAR O2 SENSOR DTC P0138/P0139/P0140 Service Manuals


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erforming CONSULT-II Self-Diagnosis. 2. Print out the Self-Prognosis results to be used in ECM Half Quantity Examine , below. See Determine 1 for an example of the CONSULT-II Self-Analysis printout. Figure 1 SELF-DIAG RESULTS SYSTEM ENGINE DATE 03/15/2002 3:35:35 P/N 23710-7J400 DTC Code TP020169 DTC RESULTS TIME HO2S2 (B1) three [P0138] Present ECM Part Number 2/three ECM Part Number Examine 1. Examine the automobile’s current ECM P/N (out of yo…

Driveability Idle Air Control (Iac) Valve Diagnostic Service Tips Ford Taurus 2000-2003


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…is supplemental information to normal diagnostics to facilitate accurate identification of malfunctioning valves. These symptoms would include engine stall, hard start, crank/no start, idling problems, and idle speed control system related dtc’s. If the service writer uses the attached worksheet (figure 2) for all drivability concerns including stalls it will assist the technician making a correct repair the first time. Iac diagnostic service ti…

1994 Cadillac DeVille Disable Illumination of Service Indicator AFTER the Installation of Passive Struts/ Shocks


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download 1994 Cadillac DeVille Disable Illumination of Service Indicator AFTER the Installation of Passive Struts/ Shocks Models: 1992-94 Buick Skylark 1993-96 Buick Park Avenue 1989-92 Cadillac Allante 1991-93 Cadillac Eldorado, Seville 1991-95 Cadillac DeVille 1991-95 Oldsmobile Ninety Eight 1992-93 Oldsmobile Achieva 1994-99 Pontiac Bonneville This bulletin is being revised to clarify when this bulletin may be used to turn the service suspen…

Center Console Front Lid Will Not Close Nissan Altima 2005–2006 – Manual repair.


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download SERVICE PROCEDURE 1. Verify the condition by street testing the vehicle with the customer. 2. Decide the specific brake situation based on the outline in the Service Data above. 3. Follow the appropriate restore procedure(s), listed on the next pages, on your specific concern BRAKE NOISE • Brakes can make a variety of noises when applied or released. Some noises are normal and no repair motion must be taken. • Use the following descrip…

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