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2005 F-150 Drive Pinion Flange and Drive Pinion Seal Installation


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ge. Utilizing an acceptable tool as shown, disconnect the driveshaft centering socket yoke from the pinion flange. l Utilizing mechanic’s wire, place the driveshaft aside. 6. Utilizing a Nm (lb-in) torque wrench on the pinion nut, record the torque required to maintain rotation of the pinion gear by way of several revolutions. 7. Using the special instrument to hold the pinion flange, remove and discard the pinion nut.8. Index-mark the pinion fla…

Center Console Front Lid Will Not Close Nissan Altima 2005–2006 – Manual repair.


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diagram for a 2006 nissan altima,hwo to install a console in a sienna,How to take thwe console off a 2012 Maxim,how to take off the vinyl cover of the armrest on 2009 honda accord,2012 nissan frontier lower dash removal,axle nut size on 2006 sentra,2010 toyota tacoma center console latch,2010 acura tl armrest repair,2009 honda accord console cover amazon,how to install armrest on 2004 honda accord,how to install temp control in 2001 nissian maxi…

Hubs & Bearings Replacement 1994 Ford Pickup F150


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Download Removal (Bronco & F150/250 With Manual Locking Hubs) 1. Raise and support front of vehicle. Remove front wheels. Remove locking hubs. See LOCKING HUBS article. Remove caliper with brake line attached and wire aside, without tension on brake hose. 2. Remove hub bearing lock nut, lock ring and adjusting nut. Using Spanner Lock Nut Wrench (T86T-1197- A), remove nuts. Remove hub and rotor. Outer bearing will slide off with hub. Remove…

Honda Civic Front Hub Replace Procedure


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A Honda Civic has a sealed bearing positioned within the entrance hub. This requires using a big hydraulic press and particular tools to exchange the bearing within the center hub. In most cases, it’s simpler and cheaper to purchase a re-built hub using the outdated hub as a core. When loosening the front hub nut on the half shaft, it’s a good suggestion to loosen it with the tire put in and on the ground. The torque is high sufficient that it…

2009 Toyota Corolla Front Axle Hub Installation


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Download Installation 1. Install front axle hub bearing (a) using sst and a press, install a new front axle hub bearing to the steering knuckle. Sst: 09950-60020 09951-00720 sst: 09950-70010 09951-07100 2. Install front disc brake dust cover (a) install the disc brake dust cover to the steering knuckle with the 3 bolts. Torque: 8.3 n·m (85 kgf·cm, 73 in·lbf) 3. Install front axle hub sub-assembly (a) using sst and a press, install the front ax…

Wheel Hub Removal and Installation Toyota Tacoma 2003 | Engine.


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Removal 1. Remove front wheel 2. W/ abs: disconnect abs speed sensor and wire harness clamp from steering knuckle remove the 2 bolts and disconnect the abs speed sensor and wire harness clamp from the steering knuckle. 3. Disconnect brake caliper a. Remove the 2 bolts and brake caliper. B. Support the brake caliper securely. 4. Check axle hub bearing backlash a. Using a screwdriver, remove the grease cap. B. Using a dial indicator near the cent…

1997 Cadillac Catera REMOVAL PROCEDURE Drive Axles, Bearings and Joints Rear Suspension | Manual repair.


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download 1997 Cadillac Catera REMOVAL PROCEDURE Drive Axles, Bearings and Joints Rear Suspension 1. Raise and support the vehicle. 2. Remove the tire and wheel assembly. 3. Use the J 42066 and use a 1/2 inch breaker bar to counter hold the rear wheel hub. Important: DO NOT allow the drive shaft to hang freely. Suspend the drive shaft upward. 4. Remove the drive shaft bolts. 5. Remove the drive shaft from the rear wheel hub flange. 6. 7. 8. 9. R…



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download Removal 1. Loosen the strut tower nuts by a minimum of five turns. See Fig. 4 . Loosen the wheel hub retaining nut. Raise and help vehicle. Take away front wheel, brake caliper and rotor. Remove ABS wheel pace sensor (if outfitted). Take away tie rod end cotter pin and nut. Utilizing Tie Rod Finish Separator (211-001), remove tie rod end. See Fig. 13 . 2. Remove decrease management arm nut and pinch bolt. See Fig. 15 . Separate decreas…

Install Brake Pads on a Toyota Tacoma


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1. Park the truck on a stage surface and place in gear or park. Flip the ignition key on one click on to unlock the steering wheel. Apply the parking brake. 2. Place the wheel chocks in front and rear of one of many rear tires. 3. Crack unfastened the lug nuts on each front tires using the half of-inch drive breaking bar and a deep half-inch drive 21 millimeter socket. Don’t remove. Simply crack them loose. 4. Lift one aspect of the truck with…



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cap, if equipped.4. Insert a drift or a large screwdriver via the brake caliper into 1 of the brake rotor vanes to be able to forestall the drive axle wheel drive shaft from turning. 5. Remove the nut and the washer from the hub. Do not reuse the nut. A brand new nut have to be used when installing the wheel drive shaft. 6. Using the J 45859 or equivalent, press the wheel drive shaft from the hub. See Particular Tools.7. Take away the 6 bolts (1…